19 reasons as to why it was a Big Spin, not a Big Bang

For the details, please read my "Dark Energy and Dark matter as Inertial Effects" paper on arxiv.org.


  1. Well said and well listed! I think 1. and 2. + the explanation of Dark Energy and Dark Matter are the most impressive ones ... - cannot be a coincidence!!!

    Now if one includes a possible explanation of 'Dark Flow' (a relative new headache for astrophysicists and cosmologists [2008-2015]), the reasons total up to 20 !! (nice coincidence also ? ...)

  2. Hello! I've been looking for you.

    I haven't found that many universal spin theorists and I have some interesting ideas I'd like to present.

    Weak force matter-antimatter asymmetry - If the universe had an initial clockwise, right-handed quantum spin, could it have lead to a clockwise spin-biased universe? If so, this would lead the weak force to occur more frequently upon matter than antimatter (due to matter-affecting spin asymmetry), leading potentially to unequal annihilation (due to weak force effects), thus driving antimatter to generally accumulate more (due to normal gravity and less frequent weak force occurrence) potentially leading to their formation into (supermassive) black holes at an earlier point in time than matter, explaining their (apparent) absence from the universe but possible presence within black holes, I'm thinking particularly supermassive black holes if they got a head start.

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